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Russian Fish-Processing Company - a diversified company with a strong production and technical potential, having a successful experience in the fish processing industry, is ready to offer full range of services for processing and storage of fish:

• Cutting fish (chilled or frozen) in the carcass, steak, slice, portion, filet of any depth cutting followed by frosting or without it, from any kind of raw fish (block, padded, piece).
• Freezing of fresh and chilled fish of any kind and size of the required parameters for the finished product,
• Portioning fish / fillet with any degree of accuracy the weight selection.
• Packaging of frozen / chilled fish products using vacuum packs or without them, with a fixed or non-fixed weight of any type of raw fish (block paved, piece)

Cold rooms with minus temperature conditions 18˚S have space to store 1,500 tons of products.